This I Believe

Miguel - durham, North Carolina
Entered on September 19, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in saying your sorry to your stomach every time you upset it. To prove my point I will tell two stories, in hopes that you will still find me sane. Both of them have to do with what I ate. Also, I will tell you how I felt like before and after eating my food. May you retain your food while you hear about my food stories?

Now that I am eight-teen, I’ve had hard times deal with different types of foods. These foods should not go in a stomach, pasta mixed with calamari and tacos with ketchup. These are just some of the foods that I can think of; however, I am sure there are more out there I have not encountered yet.

When I had the squid couldn’t stop eating it, and then I had my pasta that makes life seem so great; on the other hand, I was about to find out that night would be murder to my inside. Although the food was going great, my stomach could already sense danger. The squid was soft, yet every bit I took seemed like rubber. The pasta was keeping my body warm. Once I fished the squid and pasta I could taste all of it mixing together; however, I soon found out that night it was not the taste of happiness. The taste of anger, from my stomach, waiting to strike back. That night will for ever be burned in my mind, as “The Battle of the Squid.”

My mind still makes me wonder why I had the tacos with ketchup; in addition, my stomach is still trying to make sure that I learned my lesson. It was awhile since I have eaten. Little did I know that it was “the calm before the storm.”

I ate the Taco with Ketchup and I liked it! However, my stomach began to warn me; however, like most teens I didn’t listen. The taco made things seem exciting and worth living. The Ketchup lowering my system after the fire was lit inside. I had a feeling that I was about to have a dismal night. I soon heard myself say “I will never stop eating these”, yet that night I said something else too “I WILL NEVER EAT THIS AGAIN!”

I don’t think I am allowed to say what happened each night, and I don’t think anyone wants to know. Never the less, I am happy to learn my new lesson about mixing foods together.

I hope that no one was grossed out by my story; in addition, I apologies to the food judges. To the creatures of the sea, I must say “you guys put up a good fight.” Last but the most in portion, my stomach “I am so sorry.” I recommend you say your sorry to yours if you do something wrong to it.