This I Believe

Jacob - Columbus, Indiana
Entered on September 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Expect the unexpected

No one is ready to experience loss. The only way I did was by always being vigilant. Something happened to a close relative. One year later my best friend left without ever looking back.

When my cousin Daniel was 17 the doctor diagnosed him with Leukemia. This shocked the entire family because the Easter before this happened he was perfectly healthy. We all pulled together money to keep him in the hospital. We did everything we could, even a jump-a-thon, to raise money. Even with us doing all that we could do he still would not ever get better.

As time went by he got worse than got better on and off. The week before he died my dad called us to him and said that Daniel would probably not live through the week. I am thankful that he did so because when Daniel actually did die I was prepared and was not devastated. After this I was ready for people leaving me unexpectedly but I still missed them even though I knew they had to go.

At the end of seventh grade my best friend said that she had to move to Minnesota. I was very upset with the news that I herd but I was ready for it because when she came to my school she said that her family moves with her dad’s job from one branch of a company to another. When she was gone I made more friends and now I call her sometimes so that we can talk about how our lives are.

I have had many losses in my life time. I just have to ask myself. Am I ready if this person has to leave? Will I cope with it, or will I be stuck in the past and not see the world around me?