This I Believe

Carolyn - Corpus Christi, Texas
Entered on September 19, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

The Importance of Prayer

A few years ago, Skip and I took a road trip to Florida. Before we departed, I called the church to request Prayers for Travel while we were away. To me, the request for those prayers are just as important as packing our suitcases and making sure the car is road-ready. And, while we travel by car, I have a prayer that is repeated many, many, times throughout the day. Whenever I see a car stopped by the side of the road, whether it be for repairs, a flat tire, or a resting weary driver, I say a prayer for the car and the occupants. “Lord, may your Angels watch over them, help them to repair their car, keep them safe, protect them from all evil. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen” You see, I figure that if we are being held in prayer by the members of All Saints’, by our spiritual connection, the cars and drivers I encounter are covered as well!

As we approached the State line on this particular trip, we had a sudden encounter that terrified us both and made us ever thankful for the prayers for travel. Going 70 miles per hour, a van from across the highway jumped the median. It flipped and was tumbling at us. Just barely a few feet in front of us, it flipped again so it was upside down and slid across the highway just barely missing us. My travel prayer came automatically to my heart and my mind. Even in the shock of this encounter, the prayer appeared!

We pulled over to the shoulder to see if we could render aid. As Skip approached the van to see if the occupants needed assistance, I saw a little white dog running for the hills as though its tail was on fire. That dog must have been thrown out of the van!

I headed across the field towards the dog wondering how on earth I am going to get this terrified little dog to come to ME! My prayer went up that the Lord would help me rescue this poor, frightened, little guy. As I approached in the rain and the cold mud, the dog kept backing off. I asked God, ‘What should I do?” The only thing I heard in answer was, ‘Sit!’ Hmm, was that for me or the dog? The dog didn’t look like he was going to sit anytime soon, so it had to be me. I sat down in the cold muck, and started calling the dog, “Come here baby, I know you are hurt. Its okay, come to me and I will take you home.” I kept patting my knee as the dog approached ever so slowly. Finally, this cute little West Highland Terrier climbed into my lap and snuggled up for warmth and comfort. Okay Lord, I prayed. Now what? Who will care for this dog if the owners are badly injured? Please Lord, find a way to protect this little one.

While warming and drying ourselves in our car, a paramedic approached. He said he worked for a Vet and would make sure the little dog was cared for while the owners received treatment. I left him my name and cell phone number as he tenderly took the dog from my arms.

Three days later, my cell phone rang. The owner of the dog tearfully thanked me for finding and caring for his beloved pet. I told him he was welcome and that he, his family and pet will continue to be lifted in prayer. He said, “I know. We have felt your prayers.” Little did he know that it wasn’t just me lifting him in prayer. By our spiritual and prayerful connection to each other, it was also the All Saints’ congregation doing the lifting as well. Thanks be to God!