This I Believe

Chris - Dallas, Texas
Entered on September 18, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Dedication

I believe in dedication. I had a little trouble thinking of

something to believe but I continued to think of belief. So I looked

back into my mind and I remembered what varies people have said

about dedication and me was a word that kept coming up. Dedication

to my teams, friends, my schools, and have course my family. Upon the

realization of my belief I wondered what dedication means to me.

Dedication means more then always being there always on time and

giving it all. To me it means working when you do not have too. When

no one is watching when there is nothing to gain excepted getting

stronger in that field o choice by studying or working on plays.

Nonetheless my dedication has been tested before.

And once the temptations got the better of me. It was in sixth grade

I had a choice to stay home and watch a football or go to football

practice. Anyone who has ever played football with me will not

believe me when I say I stayed home to watch the game. Sadly I did

stay home and for the rest of the day I felt horrible a kind of sick

to my stomach the worst pain imaginable. Later that night I swore

never to skip another practice. And so far I have never missed

another practice to date.

The other effect of me skipping practice is everyone asked me were I

was and I had to lie to my teammates. I don’t know who said this

maybe no one has ever said this but I heard or thought I heard that

there are only two people you no matter what don’t lie to, and

they are the court and your teammates. So I had broken that decree.

Whether that decree is real or not I broke. There is no excuse to

lie to the people who are the only ones who are going to be in the

battle with you. That saying has influenced me a lot.

Some outside influences have affected me to have such a strong

belief. When I was younger I’m ashamed to say this a ban wagon

fan of the 90s Bulls and the great Michel Jordan I had jerseys a

Bulls locker trash can and in a failed attempted to get me to read

bought me many Jordan biographies. I eventually read one of the

books and it told me about his dedication and how he was always the

first and the last man to le4ave the court. But outside sources

weren’t the only influences everywhere I looked I saw that people

were dedicated to there kids, relationships, friends, jobs, and so

much more. It seems that dedication is something we all believe in

whether we know it or not.

Dedication is not something you can avoid even not being dedicated

is a dedication to not be dedicated.