This I Believe

Moises - dallas, Texas
Entered on September 18, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

This I Belive 09/4

I believe in family and sticking together. I believe in family sticking together because in the ruff times family is all you got. If my brother was in trouble with another student I would be right there with him. If he needed company I would be with him. If I needed a tip I would go to him for advice. The choices he makes are not always good but I still consider him not only as a friend but as a guardian angel. He helps me in every way he can. Even if he doesn’t have time he would try to do everything he can to take the time out of his schedule to help me. He will try to do anything to help in any and almost every way he can. I think that’s what family is all about, helping one another. Now that he is off to collage it’s hard for me to comprehend the fact that he is gone and that I have to make more decisions on my own and that my brother is not going to be there for me in the hard times. Maybe when I’m older and with a car we can hang out together. That is my reason why I believe in family and sticking together.