This I Believe

matthew - dallas, Texas
Entered on September 18, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that practice makes perfect. I do lots of sports, so this inspires me. I do all kind of sports, such as baseball, golf, skateboarding, and a little basketball. It is important to me that I practice as much as possible and try my hardest.

I am reading a book right now called T.O. It is written by a famous football player called Terrell Owens. He said that when he was young, he was tiny, but fast. He would always get picked on, and he couldn’t fight back. The only thing he could do was to run. He got tired of being a push over, and started lifting weights and doing track. This made him faster and stronger. So he decided to join the football team. His catching wasn’t great, but he was still extremely fast, tall, and strong. He told the readers of his book that if you practice as much as possible, you well see improvement weekly.

This inspires me, because he went from scrawny push over, to one of the fastest, and one of the best WR (wide receiver) in the NFL. If I try hard enough I can make I can get by any physical obstacle.

I also met a very famous basketball player named Steve Nash. He plays in the NBA for the Phoenix suns, and was a 2-time MVP of the league. Whenever I met him, I asked “what should I do to become better?” The only three words he said to me were “practice makes perfect.” This is a huge inspiration to me, because he is one of my idols. He is my favorite player in the NBA and my favorite of all time.

Terrell Owens and Steve Nash have showed to me than it isn’t easy to be good, you must practice as mush as possible. This is what I believe.