This I Believe

Lauren - DeSoto, Texas
Entered on September 18, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe very strongly in being myself. If you aren’t yourself, your nothing but a fake or a cheap show no one pays to see. I noticed that this is something important to me only a few years ago but I’ve been myself as long as I can remember. The people who influenced me to not care what anyone thinks about my thoughts or beliefs were my mom and Lauren, one of my best friends. Both of them are outgoing and fun to be with just being themselves. Not only that, but I can turn to them with any problems I have, knowing that they will tell me what they truly think about the matter. With this I get the best advice from them. Lauren will jump around, dance, sing at the top of her lungs without a care in the world at who’s acknowledging her. I really look up to her because she doesnt care what anyone thinks. My mom i can go to with things most people my age would only talk about with their friends and she understands because she was there before and has been through more than me. I guess being your self really became important to me while going into a new school and needing to make new friends along with it. I understand how sometimes it may seem more appealing to be in that person on TV’s shoes, but actually trying to pull it off could be pretty hard because you’re constantly putting on an act. Sure you can make friends by being someone your not, but those friends wont love you for who you truly are. What you need from them is to understand YOU and comfort you good times and bad. Also, if the only way a person will be your friend is if you’re someone your not, then it’s not a true friendship. So, is wearing the latest trends, listening to someone else’s favorite music, or saying what the hottest celebrity just said on E! worth it if your not into it? Of coarse not! It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or says about what you believe or like. The only opinion that matters is yours.