This I Believe

nick - centennial, Colorado
Entered on September 18, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

What do I believe? Well… I don’t always know because what I believe in is a community. But that is what makes it so hard to believe, because you never know when you will need someone to stand beside you. And when it always seems as though we are fighting and cant agree on anything. I believe that in the middle of controversy people will do what’s right and work together even if you don’t like the person your standing by you will stand by them until the end. On September 11th 2001 my nation, and as I see it my family was attacked but because we banned together firemen, police officers, and civilians hundreds of lives were saved. Even in the air on flight 73 and all of its passengers banned together to stop the terrorists from crashing into the white house. This standing together one person for another is why there still is a United States of America. This is what I believe because I know that if I was ever in the position to give my life to save many others I would. Even if the people I saved had never met me or even disliked me. Being part of a caring group is the single most important thing I can think of. I believe in this because in my life the only thing I can count on is the group I’m in or my family. My youth group is a group of people I trust, even though we fight a lot. Whenever anything important comes up like someone is picking on Jimmy or starting a fight with one of us we stand together even when we are disagreeing on something. I believe in my community, my family, my nation. We will stand strong together side by side.