This I Believe

Jordan - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on September 17, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

This girl is one of the only people that really knows me. She is a girl that I can be myself around. We have known each other since we were five, and have been best friends ever since. When we were little we use to skip gymnastic class and go into the bathroom eating fries, and climbing over stalls; this girl Jaquia Respass is my best friend.

I think that the term “best friend” is over used in many ways. Some people just say that someone is their best friend just to have a best friend. I think that it should be taken more seriously. Your best friend is someone who you can tell secrets to without them being passed on, someone who loves being around you and can never get sick of you no matter how much you see each other. I believe that having a best friend is one of the most valuable necessities in life.

When you have a best friend they support and encourage you in times of need. They are your shoulder to cry on and someone who can make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts. When I am hurt and I need someone to talk to I look to my best friend for advice. She helps me solve my problems, and encourages me to be the bigger person in the situation. I know that what she tells me will benefit me no matter what. When someone hurts her it hurts me to see her in pain. She looks out for me and I look out for her, she is like my sister.

My best friend jaquia and I are so close. We truly believe that we were ment to find each other. We even finish each other’s sentences, a friendship like that it is truly unique. I know that Jaquia being in my life will have changed it forever but I love that. I never know what is going to happen next with her and it’s so much fun being around her. No matter what I know that my best friend will always be standing right next to me through the hardest times, bad times, and the happiest times of my life.