This I Believe

Phillip - Littleton, Colorado
Entered on September 17, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that the U.S. government spreads too much fear throughout our nation by using TV news, newspapers, and other forms of media. The government should rule the people with justice, and though they say many things are for our protection, or to help us, when they justify their actions with fear, the people know. Although many deny it, I believe the government spreads lies.

The government is apparently immune to the laws of its people because they break laws and do acts which require warrants, and yet they do not obey these laws or get the proper permission. Recently, the President of The United States was caught recording and listening to American citizens’ phone calls and the government claims it was for our own good. They claimed the terrorists would get us if we didn’t agree to what they wanted. I thought to myself when I heard these outrages claims, who in there right mind would believe this nonsense, and yet, my friends, neighbors, and classmates did. This is because the government is an expert at manipulating people and corrupting our judgment through fear.

Fear is what gives the government power. Fear keeps the people obedient, too scared to see the obvious or to think for themselves. I do not believe in ruling with fear but unfortunately the government sees fear as a necessity for ruling its people. When a problem arises within the government that the people begin to question they introduce a new fear or controversy to keep the people focused away from the government. First there were terrorists and weapons of mass destruction, then there was gay marriage in America, and now the controversy and fear is illegal immigrants in America, but all these controversies are to keep our eyes off the government and to keep us scared and obedient.

Another problem happened about a year ago. Hurricane Katrina struck and killed about 1,836 people and caused 81.2 million dollars in damage, and the government couldn’t help in time. This is not what angers me however, it is that the government would not admit its mistakes and try to solve them. They decided instead to squabble and blame it on each other. I never felt like they gave us a good answer. Instead, they distracted everyone with a foreign war.

Therefore I believe our government is ruled with corruption and fear. The government wants us afraid, and we are. The constitution does not read: life, liberty, and the pursuit of fear.