This I Believe

torein - Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Entered on September 17, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Faith Above Fear

THERE is a disease. It is a disease that everyone has heard of and caught at some point in their life. Nobody is yet immune to this intoxicating virus that spreads through crowds quicker than a common cold. The disease? Fear. A highly contagious virus that causes people to cringe when they hear their house creak at night while they lie in their beds. It seems so big, yet people should understand that there’s a simple way to combat this opponent. Faith.

FOR, you see, fear is the absence of faith. When you’re scared, you don’t trust in your mom to come save you. You feel alone and that’s exactly what it’s trying to get you to feel. Don’t give it what it wants. Have faith and trust someone other than yourself. Believe that Jesus will help you through this or that your mom will come and save you. As soon as you can trust someone to help you through that internal battle, you’ve banished fear from your mind for good.

BUT when you’re scared, it’s harder to think rationally like that. All you want is people around you. But you don’t want just any people around you. You want the people you can trust. Envision those people around you. Sure the people there are only a thought but if fear is a thought as well, shouldn’t that be enough? Those thoughts of people are inside you’re head, fighting the battle for you and sooner or later, fear is going to retreat like the British during the Revolution. Those people and that trust will bring down its forts faster than you can say “On guard.”

THE biggest problem with fear is that it spreads quickly. After one person feels that fear, the entire room is soon overwhelmed with it. The only way to stop the madness is to calm yourself down and fight the war with fear by yourself. Once you start, other people can follow your lead and help battle it out. By the end, you have fear outnumbered one billion to one. This is only possible because of the trust you had in the people around you and their trust in you.

The point of this essay wasn’t to tell you that fear is completely irrational though. Some fears are perfectly rational but trust is always a solution. Trusting the right person might be a problem. For example, if you’re in school and a shooting begins, going up to the person with the gun and saying “I trust you to spare my life”, is not a good option. You need to trust in your fellow classmates and teachers and get busy finding a solution. So busy you won’t have time for fear.

ALL in all, fear is a contagious illness when the only anti-biotic is faith and faith and trust are joined.