This I Believe

Keri - Greenwood Village, Colorado
Entered on September 17, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, respect, war

Opinion or No Opinion?

When I was a little girl I used to think that my opinion and my parent’s opinions were the only ones that mattered. I thought that everyone else was wrong and what I said or what my parents said was ALWAYS right. Just recently, my sister and I started arguing about the war in Iraq. My sister has very different political views than the rest of my family and I. There was some name-calling and we said things that we knew we would regret later. At the time it didn’t matter to me what my sister was thinking. All I could think about was trying to come up with a better argument so that I could change her mind. After this argument my sister and I didn’t talk for about two months. I was miserable during this time and it was very awkward when we saw each other. We would just stare at each other when she came over to the house or whenever our family as a whole got together for quality family time.

After spending some time reflecting on our argument, I realized that other people’s opinions do matter and just because you believe in something doesn’t mean that everyone else should be required to believe that same thing. I believe that everyone has the right to think what they want to but they also have a responsibility to accept others opinions and listen to what they have to say. That person, that you don’t necessarily think is right, could be making a great point. Their idea might even change how you view the world and your opinion on things. My sister, being eleven years older than me, has taught me many valuable lessons in my life. My relationship with her has given me insight into how to handle certain situations. Sometimes lessons come in disguise and you have to dig down deep and think about the true meaning of what really happened. Your opinions and other people’s opinions really do matter. You just have to be open minded for them to actually benefit your life.