This I Believe

christian - atlanta, Georgia
Entered on September 17, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose

I believe that things happen for a reason. Even if a pen drops to the floor, it causes a reaction to something else that comes along. We don’y realize that it accures. If we thake out the time to stop in look at what we’re doing, it makes you think. Now wait, what would of happen if I didint drop my pen? What would of been different?

Just yesterday i was reallu hungry. I hadn’t eaten all that day. I didn’t have any money to my name. I stood in line with no $1.25 that i needed to eat with.

“Why am i still standing here?” I thought out loud. I knew i didn’t have any money. “Go sit down,” I thought once more. What’s the point? The point was I was standing and I would have stolen my meal/lunch or start asking for money. I decided to ask for two dollars. Everyone I asked didn’t hace it on them.

For sime reason I stood thee for another minute or two. I scaned the crowd looking for someone to ask again. I then glanced down and noticed a twenty dollar bill being stamped on by this guys gigantic foot. I quickl ran over and picked it up. I politly asked the guy who have stood on the twenty how much money he had. His reply was three dollars. Smiling, I said thank you and have a nice day. Walking back to my unsaved spot in the line, I tried my best not to skip with joy. I felt bad, but I hadn’t know who was missing it.

After a few minutes trying to persue myself that it was okay to spend it. I thought as I went to my tablem. I wouldnt have found it if I wasn’t standing there without money to buy my food.

To this day I still think about what if I had sat down complaining about how hungry I was and that twenty lying there. Then someone comming by and picks it up. The thought of that person being me makes me believe more that things do happen for a reason.