This I Believe

Elisabeth - Austria
Entered on September 16, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

I was walking.

Tears ran down my face. My fed hurt, I couldn’t wear my sandals. I couldn’t spend more time there, I didn’t know hot to thank him, I hardly found any words. It was his summer; I was walking in the city. All this people ran pass me, hardly anyone noticed me. And I ran pass them, but I noticed them all, each one. I saw their faces, each one. I felt their feelings, each one. And although there were people, I was alone. Alone. In the middle of the city. Alone.

What a ironic though! I passed this cafe, was in a hurry, a self-made hurry, a hurry without reason, no one was waiting for me, no one in the next few hours.

I run pass this cafe, bar, whatever. I saw a hookah, a hookahbar. My head noticed it. Noticed it to late. I walked back, I turned. Turned, turned without reason. I didn’t have time. The owner, an Egypt guy. No one was in there but the owner. He couldn’t even hear it, he listened to my words, but he listened to me, to every one of my words. He noticed me, invited me. No he didn’t ask. But he saw it; I was alone, alone in the middle of people. He noticed it. I set there, smoked hookah, tried to read… he didn’t ask, he felt it.

No, I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t say anything, and.

It surprised me. It shocked me. A person who noticed me. In the middle of the people, people who socked me, one man shocked my couz he noticed me. I entered the bar, and I walked out, knowing a person i would never know.

A person who knew me, who know me better then many of the once I know. A person who recognized me, shocked me. Shocked me just because he saw it, saw that I’m alone. Could a person ever know me better, in the middle of this city. There where noon noticed me. I cried, cried silent.

People on the crossroad waited at my side. Waited with me, looked in my face, saw my tears. They saw my tears. They didn’t notice me. All this people who saw my tears didn’t, couldn’t notice me! I was alone.

In a corner of this big world are people, people who feel alone. Respect is the answer to all problems. Yes, respect is the most important thing between persons. Respect, respect for their thoughts, for their beliefs, their feelings.

But what can do respect to us? Must respect be distance? Am I respectless if I ask people how they are? Is it respectless if I leave people alone who feel alone, who are alone.

Respect is an important, a dangerous thing.

The loneliness shows how respectless people got, in a world full of respect.