This I Believe

Linda - Longmont, Colorado
Entered on September 16, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in the inherant aggression of humanity and I hope for the ability, intelligence and desire to overcome it.

Like many others I feel that the heartbreak of war is almost impossible to take. I hear the stories of young men and women giving their lives for their countries and I truly can’t take it, some of these kids haven’t even begun to live. Do we send our youngest because they are the easiest to convince that conflict in the name of Patriotism is heroic? I think of all the wars in all of the world and I can only conclude that on some level humanity is inherently aggressive. The reasons for war don’t seem good enough to really throw away our best and brightest lives. Please don’t think I’m not grateful to all the people who’ve given their lives to preserve our way of life, I just think I’d rather give it all up and live in a shack to stop the killing.

I start thinking about how we could avoid these conflicts…maybe organized religion should be outlawed, individual spirituality must be kept to yourself (absurd)…no pushing your religion on others (what’s the need to do this about anyway?)…do away with all borders (crazy)…abolish capitalism and the profits that feed wars (not likely). Remember the war to end all wars? hmmm…jihad, retaliation, ethnic cleansing, war on terror–there are so many words and reasons that just don’t seem good enough to kill young people, or any people for that matter. I don’t understand the distinction between war and war crimes. It all seems criminal. I want to think we’re better than this. I want to think I’m better than this.

And then… someone cuts me off driving and I scream like a maniac, someone threatens my child’s happiness and I become truly AGGRESSIVE. I guess we all have issues we feel are worth fighting for, basic “fight or flight response”?

BUT, maybe someday we can evolve. I believe in self awareness and global awareness.Imagine a war where no one shows up. If two people have a conflict and one does not fight back there is no fight. If we individually work to rise above basic aggression, and if we pressure our leaders to avoid conflict, and if we really try to understand each other…I BELIEVE someday we can be a peaceful people. I believe we can love our country, love our world and respect one another.