This I Believe

Deanna - Ventura, California
Entered on September 15, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65


Amazing how the news telecasts and government can go on and on about the tragedy of 9/11. I believe it is a way to keep the trauma alive for their own purposes. Recollections of 9/11 like what the pictures on the TV news show, feed the emotions of the people. Fear, revenge, and attitudes of superiority and self righteousness all lead to a feeling of non-peace. An agitated and fearful population is easier to manipulate for sinister purposes.

Now is the time for a paradigm shift away from revenge, fear and war. What about thinking that the 3,000 souls killed actually chose on a soul level to die in order to awaken the consciousness of American people to a brighter future? To chose to forgive and to allow others to be as they are, is a higher calling that Americans are capable of . It demands a new way of viewing life. Let each person be responsible for their own internal peace. Let not relationships with others, either close family or work associates, become inharmonious. It is an individual choice to be at peace inside. I had to do that myself when I became disabled from a fall on a job and was never fully compensated for it.

Making that kind of choice, frees humanity from the influence of media that wants to profit from man’s internal fear and pain. No longer will billions of dollars be spent on homeland security and a war in the middle east. Billions will be available for health care, education and feeding the hungry on the earth. Creative energy can be directed towards renewable energy production.

Jesus was the example of forgiveness. “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do”. It is time to choose a peaceful way to the resolution of terrorism. Shift the paradigm of fear and revenge to peace and non-reaction. The biggest, toughest, highest job is to forgive those around you and to live in harmony. The world will then reflect that with peace and stability.