This I Believe

Garrett - Littleton, Colorado
Entered on September 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

If I believe in myself I can achieve my goals. But I am different from everyone else. Anybody can say that they believe in themselves, but can they actually show how? I plan to show everyone who reads this essay that I actually believe in myself. How am I going to do this? Well, I will do whatever it takes. Whatever it takes to prove that I believe in myself whether it be my grades and success or whatever my dreams are. I believe in myself not only because it’s just myself, but because it’s worth it for my family, friends, and anybody else who cares about me.

Hopefully, if I believe in myself I can get many others to believe in me as well. I can’t just be the only one to believe in myself and have no one else to back me up. I have to have people beside me the whole way through if I am going to have a great and successful life.

To get through with a great life, I have to do well in school, be nice to others, and be self confident. If I do well in school then I will get through life a lot easier because I can do whatever I want to do in life. Also, I would have to be nice to others because if I am not, they will never trust me or help me out with anything. Of course, I have to be self confident because if you don’t have self confidence and don’t already believe in yourself, then you will never make it.

In order to show others that I truly do believe in myself, I also have to do certain things to show it. Like, for instance, if I am sitting at the library and someone needs help finding a book and they ask me for some assistance, instead of saying, “I’m sorry I have never heard of that author or book before.” I could actually get up and help the person look for the book they are finding which shows them that I believe that I can find that book for them.

In conclusion, I have to do the right thing, be successful, and be nice to others. I have to do all of this to show everyone and to prove to everyone who reads this essay that I actually believe in myself and can do whatever I want if life because of it.