This I Believe

David - Newton, Massachusetts
Entered on September 15, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the infinitive abyss. I believe in eternal darkness and a great nothingness. While many may have optimistic views on our life after death, I can’t help but think our life is shorter than we think.

Most people would call me a pessimist, but I think I am just being honest with myself. Not believing in an afterlife does not depress or demoralize me; it just makes me life each day with that much more excitement. The belief that this is our one life allows you not to worry about the little things, and live essentially stress-free. Each day I wake up I feel no worries about the day ahead of me, only the satisfying realization that today will be another good day. Without worries people are able to enjoy their surroundings and appreciate some of life’s more minuet details.

There are those who would argue with what I say. Many people like the idea of waking every morning and knowing they are living a life of good, and one day they will be rewarded. Whether it is reincarnation or an eternal soul, they will enjoy the serenity of life after death. While there can be no definitive answer, it seems unlikely to me that a person could have any resemblance of life without a functioning brain.

It is a matter of faith. I lack the ability to believe in that which I can not see. I believe that all the worlds’ phenomenon’s can be explained through science. The religious sects would say we are put on earth to carry out gods will and meet Him again in the next world. Personally, the idea of living your life for anybody but yourself seems absurd. The church seems to use scare tactics in order to spread their message. When you know that some day your time will come to an end, you are able to enjoy yourself while living what you estimate to be a moral life.

While there is no definitive answer for either side of this debate, there are most definitely a number of good arguments. The theory of positivism is based on the fact that “the only authentic knowledge is scientific knowledge, and that such knowledge can only come from positive affirmation of theories through strict scientific method.” There is an answer to every question and while we are unable to disprove the existence of the afterlife, we are able to know that the body is unable to function without the brain and without consciousness. The belief of an afterlife seems to hinge on the belief in an everlasting soul which one can never see. While being unable to dismiss the possibility of life after death, scientific reasoning backs my “dark” views.

I believe in vast emptiness and I am happy about it. Even if I could force myself to believe in an afterlife, I would not want to. Being able to live life without worries allows you to be able to overlook some of our smaller problems and just appreciate the bigger picture.