This I Believe

Robin - Bronx, New York
Entered on September 15, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: place

I suppose I find myself inspired to write this, being from New Orleans, and by the increasingly obvious contrast between the respective cities – NY & New Orleans.

Sometimes, I have no real way of actually knowing if, as it is said, “it’s just me?” or if a particularly unpleasant siuation is genuinely unpleasant.

Take, for instance, the City of New York, where I have resided for the past 26 years. People may hear the old clichés about NY like just how crowded it is; that being one of the most common dynamics. REALLY has gotten ridiculous here!

It seems that every, single piece of space is occupied by something or someone[s] – be that either garbage, vehicles, vendors, bike messengers, animals, homelessness, buildings..the list is endless. Folks REALLY are not attentive to where they’re walking here considering space is truly at a premium.

Cell phones a-working, blueberries, blue teeth [or is it bluetooth??] now above & below ground {Subways}, folks looking to their left, but walking to their right crossing taxi infested NY streets, trusting that motorists will always do the right thing by pedestrians.

Let me say, I am so surprised that there aren’t more accidents here than there already are, and I find myself as an observer who is simutaneously, part of this amalgam of [over]activity & stimuli. It is all so surreal to me.

Next month, I intend to go to a place where the original population was about 1/2 of what NY is, and what is now, even less than it was to begin with – I’m going back to New Orleans. The contrast feels palatable already. What’ll it be – what’ll it be?? To be in a place where most of the population is not gone by [their] design, but by a force beyond their control.

Think I’ll encounter too much stimuli? I’ll get back with you after November. :)

Thanx for letting me in..