This I Believe

Douglas - Crestview, Florida
Entered on September 15, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I wrote an essay when “This I Belive” first started. Since my essay I have truely struggled with life and came to believe what I call True Reality. In June, I went to a place called rock bottom. At this time I had no true concept of life. I was selfish and dependant on alcohol. So dependant, that I left my wife and kids, moved into an apartment and isolated myself from everything. On June 11 I woke to tears in my eyes, shaking and total confussion. I had no where to turn so my wonderful wife went with me to see the chaplain. The chaplain sent me to a place called Life Skills (Mental Health) and from there they refered me to a rehabilitation center. I spent 28 days there. It was very difficult mentally and I hated not having my alcohol. After about 7days when I was detoxed I had to face all my fears and screw ups. I had made such a mess of my life. It seemed as though there was no way out. But, I soon realized that there is through my Higher Power that I choose to call God. I have learned that life does not have to be overwhelming and confusing. Hard “yes” life is but with God on my side and being free from the bonds of alcohol I find I function a lot better. So, what is it I believe? I am not exactly sure all I know is I will keep pressing on with my daily struggles and love life to the fullest!