This I Believe

Henry - Gainseville, Virginia
Entered on September 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: morality

“This I Believe”

I believe that there is a clear difference between right and wrong. However I think that the society that we live in makes us believe that there is a justification for everything that we do. If you have a good lawyer, you can get away with anything just because he/she will find a loophole that makes you look innocent, or that will justify your actions.

This happens everyday and we as a society think its okay. I don’t think that is okay, because it’s like we’re telling people to go ahead and do what you want, because your lawyer will get you off.

A man could beat his wife to near death, and get away with it. All the lawyer has to say is that “my client was constantly abused as a child, and his mom was constantly abused by his father.” After he/she says that he/she will go on to say this is why my client thinks it is okay to beat his wife, he doesn’t know better. Even though he put his wife in a hospital. The jury hears this story and fills badly for the client, so they let him off with a lighter sentence. Because of things like that people start to think that its okay to beat your wife, when its clearly not.

Right and wrong is as clear as black and white, there are few gray areas. People shouldn’t make excuses, or try to justify there actions when their clearly in the wrong. Our society should stop justifying ceramal actions, because it sends out the wrong message to everybody. If a man flat out kills someone he should go to jail no matter what.