This I Believe

Brittney - Arvada, Colorado
Entered on September 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that drugs ruin a family any family weather perfect or not drugs are there to ruin it. I know this because I have been in one of those families. Mine was not perfect and it was not so bad either. It started before I was even a twinkle in my mother’s eyes. She had been doing drugs to escape the life she lived with my grandmother drinking all the time. Then I came along, in my baby book my mother states “It was the most beautiful day to have such a beautiful little girl.” I will hold that in my heart forever. I was born into a family of drug addicts and alcoholics it was not by choice that I was born into this family but by action of my mother and father. Even through all of my hardships I am very happy to have the family I have and I would not give it up for anybody.

When I was about 2 years old, my mother and grandmother were selling drugs out of our house. I don’t remember but by what I have been told, a friend of my uncles found out that we have tons of cash in our house which was not true. Anyways this guy came to our house and tried to get the money that we supposedly had, we were being robbed. Luckily I was sleeping but my brother was not, the robber held a gun to my 3 year old brother’s head. That is what I have been told, but I’m not writing to tell what I have been told I am writing to tell what I have seen.

My mother, the drug addict, the one who was never there for her kids, yep that’s the one. I remember when my mom use to hide her needles under the floor under my dresser. She use to make me pee in a cup for her when she had to take UA’s, she would be in my room smoking pot and I would be next door. That’s the mother I remember, in and out of jail all the time for who knows what. The house being raided all the time for drugs, that’s what my childhood was all about.

Right now I do not have a mother, I have a family instead, a two year old son and a boyfriend. That’s my life, my son, I do not and did not have a teenage life, I had to grow up so fast for not having a mother that I did not know how to have a so called normal life. Yeah I was spoiled when I was little but not with the money my mom had worked hard for but the money from other children who did not have a father or a mother due to my mother selling drugs to them. That’s not what a child should be around.

Me and my brother use to fight all the time when we were young. My great grandmother who has and still is taking care of me use to ask us “why do you guys fight all the damn time.?” My brother and I would always respond “ you guys do it why can’t we?” Is that something a child should be having to say as an excuse for fighting?

I miss the fact of not having a mother around because of drugs, they have taken my mother away and I don’t think I will ever get her back. Not being able to talk to her when I want, not being able to call her and tell her, Nickolas has a fever what should I do. No shopping for Prom dresses, no kisses goodnight, no nothing, I don’t have that and I never will. I am a mother now and I will be there for my son because drugs will not ever take me away.

This is why I believe that drugs ruin families, rich or poor, thick or thin, evil or good, drugs come to take families apart. To ripe them to threads and leave the families to cope with what they have lost, drugs make the funeral for a person that isn’t even dead but they would be soon. Drugs kill and they hurt everyone around them weather the do them or they know someone who does. Trust me I know I have been there and I have had to cope, drugs ruin families lives.