This I Believe

Jade - Indianola, Iowa
Entered on September 13, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: family, legacy

I believe that traditions help us to remember those who have passed away. Traditions help us to hold on to the memories of those who have passed away. It gives us an opportunity to keep a piece of those who have passed away in our lives and gives us the chance to continue the tradition for future generations.

My grandmother started a tradition nearly 15 years ago. She was passionate about making quilts, putting forth thousands and thousands of hours in creating quilts full of memories. She had a brilliant idea that each family member would be responsible for making a quilt block that would eventually be put together to make one quilt. The final quilt would be presented to each grandchild once they graduated from high school. So the idea was that each family member would create a block that reflected a memory they had of the graduating senior. My grandmother would say it was a memory quilt made with love.

August took the life of my grandmother after she had a sudden heart attack. The pain I felt from losing someone in my family is indescribable. But having something to remember her by, helped ease the pain. By looking at the quilt, it brought back all the memories. I could vision my grandmother spending hours on the quilt, making sure that it was perfect. It also made the think of when the tradition was started and looking at the surprised faces of those who have received the quilts in the past.

Even though she has been gone for nearly two years, we have continued the tradition of making quilts for the graduating seniors. Even though the quilts aren’t hand stitched by my grandmother, it is still filled with memories. I get excited when someone in my family graduates because I love looking at the end result of the quilt. I look forward to when I give my children their quilts and telling them all about their grandmother who started the tradition long ago.

The tradition of making a quilt for the graduating senior is something that was created in my family 15 years ago and will continue for years to come. This tradition helps me to remember my grandmother and her love for making quilts. Even though my grandmother is no longer living, her determination and love for making quilts will always be remembered and appreciated.