This I Believe

steven - el cerrito, California
Entered on September 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe…

I believe in my brother. I believe in my brother because he is the closest thing I have to my mom. His mother and father can’t be there for him so I try to be as close as possible to him. I see my brother from time to time though we don’t live together. Although I have a best friend and friends at school, my brother is my true best friend.

Our mother can’t be there for us because she got on drugs a few years ago, it shocked the whole family but it had a huge affect on us. I would stress a lot about not being able to live with her anymore, so I would get into lots of trouble with other family and see if they would send me back with my mom.

She is now recovering from the drugs but it still has an affect on both of us not hearing or seeing her for long periods of time. We get sad if we don’t hear from her or not knowing when we were going to see her again.

I don’t really care about the big age difference, my brother is three and I am thirteen years old. My brother and I have lots of fun together, when we would both spend the not with our mom he would shake me and jump on me and yell my name and wake me up. I would make both of us breakfast when I woke up because my mom would be doing her erons and getting food to cook for dinner that night. She would cook my favorite things for dinner like macaroni and cheese, pork chops, broccoli and rice-a-roni. When we were done with dinner my brother and I would go up stairs, watch television and I would play with him, we would play hide and go seek, cars, and just run around and chase each other. I love my brother and he loves me.

I try to be there for my brother as much as possible to create a good example for him and be a role model. I make sure I do the right things so he will to. Whenever I see my brother I always make sure I bring him a gift because with school it’s hard to visit him that much.

My brother is important to me because he is so young and doesn’t really know what’s going on in the family, and it’s hard to explain to him about our mom and her situation. When he gets older it will be easier to explain to him but not right now because he is too young to really understand. These are the reasons I love my brother and why he is so important to me. This I believe.