This I Believe

James - Hazard, Kentucky
Entered on September 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children

Nature VS Nurture

“I believe people are affected by both nature and nurture in one way or another.”

Over the years there have been many controversies raised over nature or nurture, are we predestined to be the way we are or is it the way we are raised that molds the person we are to be? I my self believe its nature and nurture, you are born with certain characteristics which you can’t loose, there in your blood. Yet the way you are brought up has a great influence on the person you are to be. With this subject you can go either way because I really don’t believe any knows the answers at all.

From looking at my self I see a mix of nature and nurture. I was four year of age when my father left; I really can’t remember him at all. When I get angry or aggravated my mom always gets mad at me for the expressions on my face, because they remind her of my father. From that example I would have to say that we are affected by nature. We all inherit traits from our parents that we can’t get rid of such as facial expressions, gestures, and body language.

I my self like to think that we are affected by both nature and nurture, that people are the way they are because of human nature and also the way we are raised. The reason I like to believe this way is that there is hope that I will be able to mold my child to an extent to turn out the way that I would like it to. Take me for example my father was a drug addict and a total waste of space and I have been raised to be the exact opposite. My grand parents and mother all my life have did all they could and can to keep me out of trouble. Instead they have pushed me in school to do well, keep me active in the community.

Nature and nurture actually go hand in hand, because the parent’s nature will be passed onto the child. If the parents raise the child the way they raise it is the nurture, which will be passed on as well as nature. Ultimately nature comes out in your nurturing because you inherit your nature from your parents. The way parents nurture their child will have a lot to deal with there nature, because the way you are raised is all part of how your parents were raised and their nature.

So in conclusion I would like to say who we are is a mixture of nature and nurture. Both play a major role in the make up of the human physique. Nature and nurture all play a great role in the way we are and there is no way to change that. So raise your children the best that you can because in the end it all will come together as one.