This I Believe

Motaz - Jordan
Entered on September 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Imagination . Is the way we discover ourselves and the way we discover life and people.When i was like 16 years old i started appreciating friendship. I got to know a lot of friends , and i fell in love. Through time , i learnt that friendship is a very true thing in our lives. It’s about appreciation , and concren . Some of my friends were gone away , and never got to hear from them , they had to go and leave , and they just slipped out of my circle. And some new others got introduced as new characters. Friendship and love is a very great thing. I believe we should always look for improving our realtionships with people and expand our circles , and our friendship. I believe that in friendship’s we discover the true meaning of people . I believe that people are born to be Unique. Everyone is unique in his personality , and in his character ,and his vision in life . And I believe that creating better friendshops , and better understanding of people makes us better humans.