This I Believe

Taranika - Macon, Georgia
Entered on September 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Sex Education in Public Schools

I believe that sex education should be require to take in middle school and high school. It should be open for discussion not banded because of moral views. When I was in middle school the only thing I learn about sex was the diseases you can catch from it. The teacher didn’t try to introduce us to condoms or even birth control. I understand they didn’t want us to have sex that’s probably why it wasn’t introduce, but I knew a lot of young girl who were sexual active then and have a couple of children now. I think if the sex ed. teacher would have talked more about sex prevent instead of trying to scare us from having it a lot of my former classmates would have children today. The school also only offer sex education in middle school, that to me was a big mistake. Sex education is more important in high school because that’s when your greatly exposed to it.

I also believe the classes shouldn’t be separated into male and female groups. Everyone should recieve the same concept when talking about sex. I believe the class should be taught the hold year no just at the begin of the school term.