This I Believe

Trisha - Haymarket, Virginia
Entered on September 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

In life you are always taught things to help you succeed. From birth there is always people helping you walk, teaching you you’re right from wrong, teaching you to have you’re own opinion and embrace your ideas as an individual. People who help you to learn skills, knowledge and how to think for yourself surround you. The one thing none of these people; family, teachers, mentors, etc., can teach you is what you are to believe in.

I was raised in a family that was centered on sports. Since I can remember I had a pretty repetitive life style. My schedule was school, home, sport and back home. I played everything or did everything I could; gymnastics, dance, basketball, soccer, track. Among the countless hours of practices and games a week there was always one sport that I really chose to love but did not realize until recently, hockey.

I believe in hockey.

As I grew older my parents did not get along as much. It was hard to explain to my little brother that they were starting to break away. About 6 years ago they got a divorce. Of course it was a big change. But the one thing that really remained the same was hockey.

Hockey became the standard of my everyday life. I eat, sleep, breathe hockey. I would go to school. Wait for my little brother to come home then we would go to hockey. Dinner was determined by the time of the last game or practice. All our homework was done in the car while driving between rinks. I am truly a hockey fanatic and have adapted to the lifestyle.

Hockey became the one time where all my cares, fears and worries went away. My coaches would say I was in the zone. But in reality I was just in my own world. Hockey became my thing. While at hockey time stopped. I would forget about my parents’ last fight or my big exam the next day. I could breathe and not have a heavy heart of worry. All I wanted to do is to play my best and get better. All I ever wanted to do was to play.

My whole life has changed for hockey. I am 99.9% of the time thinking about hockey. I had major wrist surgery and all I wanted was to be able to play again. I would watch the NHL and cringe at the fact that I didn’t have the strength to even pick up my stick. I got easily frustrated with myself but the game kept me going and I never lost my love for it.

Here I am now, almost a year after surgery and able to play hockey all I want. I play for 1 travel team and 1 high school level team. I have played, I have coached and I have refereed hockey. But it all amounts to one thing, love. It is my whole life. It is what I wake up for in the morning, what I think about during the day, what I dream about at night and what I want to do for the rest of my life. Hockey is what I believe in.