This I Believe

Katherine - Glensde, Pennsylvania
Entered on September 12, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that things happen for a reason. On this date, about 5 years ago, I found myself crumpled in the pine doorway of the beach house that I rented while attending The University of Rhode Island. I had just discovered my boyfriend, the love of my young adult life, at the house of the woman who would become his wife 6 months later. I cried harder than I did over the loss of my mother and even now, it is difficult to find words to describe how small, broken, and little I felt in the aftermath of the betrayal. In the days that followed, I began to put myself back together…I turned my anger into running. Something that I had always loathed was able to turn my bitterness into something less volatile. My body changed. I took my now spare time and put it into my classes. My confidence changed, and I look back now realizing that I have learned greater lessons than those about love.

I have learned that people treat you differently when you are more attractive. This was difficult to cope with. Sex is far more a part of our daily vernacular than most will ever admit.

I started to find goals that I had forgotten and I learned that often, it is easy to forget your hopes when you’re hoping for 2 people. I have gone to graduate school since then, have experienced a new city.

I have learned that nothing teaches you about being careful with other peoples emotions like someone who is careless with yours. I relearned the importance of family, and established the value of having a father, a brother who were there when I needed help. I realized again, how incredibly fortunate I am.

Most of all, I am able years later, to see the way my life was changed that evening. It is a small loss relative to those that most people face daily, but for me, that experience helps me to see every day that the things you may want the most aren’t always the best options in the end. For this I believe, that things happen for a reason.