This I Believe

Rachel - The Plains, Virginia
Entered on September 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

My Nature

When I was very little, I paid no heed to the things around me. Bugs skittered by. Birds chirped and sang private little songs in a wealth of life. People passed me by and they were nonexistent to me. Then one day, as I was walking on my property with my mother, she looked down at me and said, “Slow down Rachel, be part of the world.” There was no cliché; it was just simply “Stop and See”. I woke up. I suddenly became aware of the light scent of a flower wafting through the air, our neighbor’s dog JoJo barking in the background, the whirr of a car flying by, and the small ladybug sifting its way through the grass. I saw the birds, bugs, and people. They all sat in their own little world, a world that we claim to be ours when we are surrounded by others. I have found that I can never be bored because there is something always going on. We know that we need Nature for our own survival, but most people do not want to be part of it and work very hard to ignore or block it out. Most people rely on Nature, but do not acknowledge it. They miss out on the greatest gift Nature has to offer: its companionship.

I feel more alive by using all my senses. I feel inspired to learn from the world around me. Nature is impossible to suppress so it seems silly to dismiss it. I stopped blindly segregating myself from the world and now I reverently side step to avoid killing any little thing with a careless step. People filter out the best part of the world. They filter out the things that make our world unique. I choose to be part of the entire world, rather than apart.