This I Believe

John - Chariton, Iowa
Entered on September 12, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

About six and a half years ago, my wife and I received a new born as a foster child in our home. He was extremely small and had a hard time keeping his bottles down. When he was a month old, we took him to a famous drug doctor. His biological mother had done methamphetamine with him in the womb and at the time of delivery, she was extremely high on methamphetamine. During the one month appointment, the drug doctor just asked what seemed to be regular questions. The doctor never told us of anything to expect differently than a child who hadn’t been exposed to drugs. So we took him home, thinking this child would be okay.

About two weeks later, I noticed that at night, during his sleep, his breathing would get extremely shallow and irregular. So I would wake him and make him cry so he would breathe, and then sooth him back to sleep. It got to the point where I was doing this about every hour, so I took to sleeping in my recliner with him on my chest, making very easy to know when his breathing became irregular.

Well, anyone who knows me knows that I had to have been woken up due to the fact I sleep so hard. Who helped wake me to some is a mystery, but to me it is no secret. Every evening God sent an angel to sit in our living room and wake me when our son needed help. This went on for many months, till he was about 10 months old. Back at his 4 month appointment I got the shock of my life. For starters the receptionist was shocked that my son was there. She called back to the doctor and I think every nurse had come out to see if it was really true that Jacob was there. The place got real quiet, and they escorted us back to a room right away. We didn’t even have to wait, the doctor came right in. Then the next thing floored me, the doctor asked “What did you folks do to this child? I was looking at a dead child 3 months ago. He should have died due to SIDS.” Well, needless to say I was shocked too. I never would have dreamed a statement like that coming out of the doctor’s mouth. She could not grasp the facts when I told her of our visiting angel.

When we get the opportunity to tell the story of Jacob, it always reminds us of how strong we believe in our God and his use of angels. When we adopted Jacob, we gave him his middle name, “Michael”, after God’s mighty archangel.