This I Believe

Elizabeth - Atlanta, Georgia
Entered on September 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Of all the principles I have come to rely on in my short life, there is one in particular that will stick with me for years to come. I believe in wearing comfortable shoes.

I believe comfortable shoes are the key to success in life. You would be hard to find a powerful woman C.E.O. running around in three-inch, pointy toed, heels. You would most likely find a woman like that wearing basic black, one to two inch, orthopedic wonder shoes. Slip those babies on and you feel like you can conquer the world all while looking professional.

I believe you don’t have to give up style for comfort. This past year an old standard has become a hot fashion trend, the ballet flat. Not only are these comfortable, but they are also cute and professional looking. Another classic revived is the wedge sandal. Given the right height and straps, this can be a comfortable alternative to the “stripper heel”.

I believe certain women are born with a higher tolerance to foot pain. Some women can run around all day with aching calves and blisters and not show an ounce of discomfort. Now these miracle women probably don’t have to chase around children all-day or run to the grocery store to pick up dinner for the family on the way home. Others would rather look cute, than be able to walk two feet with out tearing up. I’m not trying to say all heels are painful but lets face it, our most comfortable shoes are probably not three-inch high toe crushers.

I believe women should have to tough it out and wear uncomfortable heels on certain occasions. Weddings and dances are among the few times heels are required to be cute and somewhat functional. There is at least an hour time frame that feet can withstand the pain. After that hour I usually ditch them, along with at least 75 percent of other girls at school dances and weddings.

I believe that everyone has that one pair of shoes that has withstood years of abuse. Whether they are in the back of your closet or you still wear them every once in a while, you will always have that one pair of shoes that if you could you would wear on any occasion. That pair that just has that certain fit, the imprint of your foot, the dirt marks from your toes.

I believe in comfortable shoes. I believe that there’s a power that a happy foot can have on your life. It can lighten your mood and make certain situations easier to deal with. Comfortable shoes are and should be a standard for generations to come.