This I Believe

Matthew - Decatur, Georgia
Entered on September 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

What About Tomorrow?

I believe that tomorrow is not another day. Tomorrow and life are taken for granted.

I say, “Tomorrow is today.” Who is to say the day ends with the tucking of sheets and the dimming of the sun. I close my eyes and do not wake up until the sun arises and the daylight returns. This does not change the fact that the day continues.

I believe that there is only one day, and within that day, live life to the fullest. I shall go to all of my relatives’ birthdays in one day. I can experience life’s greatness all in one day. I believe the reason each day appears different is because the thought of a different day is instilled in our minds. One day is a lifetime, a lifetime that should be spent well.

Many people believe that there are many different days. Some people fell more comfortable, having something to look forward to. A random businesswoman can plan her life out on a tiny palm pilot. She is completely unaware that she may not live to meet her appointments, but if she can say tomorrow, it gives her a sense of comfort. Others, on the other hand, work hard like Bob. Bob is just a random guy who dreams of a tomorrow with his wife. He misses the fact that he may not live to finish his speech. Many people live their lives out dreaming, planning for a tomorrow, a nonexistent tomorrow.

My feelings toward believing in a tomorrow can touch on so many bases like, can I look for a today? I know death will not be written out on an index card to read, (October ninth, date and time). I must enjoy every second of life because after I go to sleep, I do not wake up to a different day. When I wake up, I wake up to a different mindset. The mindset is that of someone who feels different, a mindset that demolishes all tracks of yesterday and shows my current path.

What does it take to make a day? How many mornings, noons, nights, will equal a day? When can you set yourself up for a tomorrow? Will there ever be a tomorrow? Does a day, this day, end?

In the end, everyone’s day comes to a stop. This end vanquishes every one of all past events, and only future events hover in their minds. This is the point of peace, harmony, and tranquility. There is now no need to dream of a tomorrow.

I believe that tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow and life are taken for granted.