This I Believe

Jacob - dunwoody, Georgia
Entered on September 12, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

What could possibly be better than a fast, unforgettable treat that captures the full attention of a person? Something that can be enormous, yet be supported by a single piece of paper. Something that can bring a smile, stretching from ear to ear, on the face of a five year old and have the same affect on a person ten times that age. Oh, if that were only possible…

COTTON CANDY! I believe in cotton candy. I believe in it’s uncanny ability to attract anyone and everyone who is not too proud to admit their craving.

It’s a snack that is eaten in certain locations, at special events, at special times. No one eats cotton candy in a fit of anger. No one eats it alone. When a person drinks alone, the common opinion of others is one of disgust and apathy. The same opinion is directed at a person who eats cotton candy alone…in their room…with their door locked…and the lights off…with their sticky fingers.

Forget Prozac, give me a giant mound of blue fluff atop a paper cone any day. Beyond the self-medicating aspect of this golden threaded delicacy, I see it as a way of living life.

Each time the cotton candy, like a cloud or snowflake, is created it looks different. No person is the same. We have different skin tones, hair and eye colors. Our minds are completely different as well. The fine detail of my brain is unlike any other, just as the fine detail of woven sugar is unlike any other cotton candy formation.

My first encounter with this snack of g-ds happened when I was about three years old. It wasn’t my only first of the day. It was also my first trip to the circus. There were so many amazing things to look at. The clowns, lions, acrobats, and of course midgets. Honestly, what’s a circus without midgets? If such a place exists, I hope I never have to go through the disappointments of such a tragedy.

Needless to say the roaring sounds protruding from the engines of multiple motorcycles, flying around a chain linked sphere, scared me to the point of tears. There was no way to console me. No possible way to save my day from the horrific and traumatizing events I had just experienced. Then my mom handed me something I had never seen. It was glorious. It was cotton candy…