This I Believe

Nicholas - Dunwoody, Georgia
Entered on September 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I Believe Music is the Ultimate Form of Self-Expression

I believe music is the ultimate form of self-expression. There are many different ways to express yourself. You can express yourself through art, through writing, or even through playing sports, but music is the one true way that we all express ourselves.

Many people fail to realize it, but music is a big part of all of our lives. It might be more influential on some people than others, but music is everywhere. It’s actually hard to avoid it. We listen to music all the time: at home, in the car, while we do our homework, when we dance, when we’re bored. With music, things are just a lot better and more fun.

When I say I believe music is the ultimate form of self-expression, I mean all forms of it: listening to it, playing it, and especially writing music. For me, I discovered that music is such an essential part of life when I started playing guitar. After I began listening to all sorts of music, I soon developed a unique love for classic rock. As my guitar skills improved, I began writing music to express myself.

Eventually I joined a band. Being in a band was the best thing ever. I got to write music, and best of all: play on stage. Playing a show is very exciting; you get to show an audience what you can do and what you stand for. Eventually two members of my band began “taking over” the music writing. I felt as though my musical input was not being appreciated and quit.

The music you listen to is what most reflects your personality. Not the clothes you wear or the car you drive. It’s the music that is playing inside the car that defines a person. When I listen to my friends’ music, I can tell what kind of person they are, due to the music playing and their reaction to it. Music is the heart of our personality. It allows us to arrange our various thoughts and feelings that we go through and keeps us alive.