This I Believe

Marcus - Dunwoody, Georgia
Entered on September 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe That Luck Is Like A Coin

Have you ever had one of those days were either bad or good things had happened to you? Have you ever had a very good or bad moment change in an instant? Luck is something people believe in, or don’t. I’m the kind of person who thinks luck is like a coin, there’s always a heads, or a tails, unlike those one’s with just one side. Anyway, there’s a 50/50 chance that a coin will stay on heads, or tails. Even though the whole weight on one side of a coin ‘might” have something to do with it. Lets just agree that there are two sides to every coin.

Now just like a coin, luck has two sides (good, and bad). Also just like a coin, luck can change in an instant, but not always. Some times luck stays the same. Throughout a whole day you could have a whole lot of bad luck, but at the same time you think nothing else can go wrong, it either does or doesn’t. Luck can really be “up in the air” but it can come crashing down, or coming down might not be an option. I mean you really could have a really great day, or not, or in between, or nothing can happen at all. I have had days where luck just went completely haywire.

There was this one time in the tenth grade. The day started off just like any normal day. That happened until I got on the bus, which is normally crowded by the way. I looked around, and I noticed that there was barely anyone on it. I sat down in my normal seat like a recliner because there was room that day. The bus stopped at the school, I stepped off the bus after about 2 people, and walked into the school. I walked into the cafeteria and sat down with my friends. Everything was fine, until one of my friends accidentally hit his tray into my books and syrup splashed all over my arm, and my shirt.

That coin I call luck literally stayed on tails from then on out. The bad luck just kept flowing, and remember I had a white tee on at the beginning of school. Now with syrup on it, I thought it could survive the rest of the school day just the way it is. I walked into first period, and as the bell rang, I sounded like a buzzer went off saying that I was wrong. That was because apparently the girl beside me was half-sleep, and got startled when she heard the bell, while putting on her lipstick.

The lipstick flew out of her hand and landed right on my shirt. The my second period made it worse. I had art, and I wasn’t paying attention when I raised my hand to ask the teacher something. While doing that I knocked my pencil pouch over and all my pencils and pens went on my shirt. Even some of the capped ones opened up on me, which was pretty weird. After second period, I went to my third class of the day. I was scared as heck to make sure that my now luckily off white with dots and scratches of blue, red, green, brown and a little purple; white shirt didn’t get anything on it. My third class actually went by smoothly, but lunch was a totally different.

I didn’t even eat lunch that day. I was scarred of what could of happened, and terrified of what would have happened. After starving for 30 minutes, fourth period (the last period of the day) came and I was happy. This is because not only was it keyboarding, but because my shirt would be safe. After I got my book bag from my locker, and went on the bus leading home. I thought my bad luck was over.

The coin thought otherwise, as tails came back to haunt me. A car splashed me with mud on the way home. The from out of nowhere I start to see red ants on my shirt. I rush home to find out something very important. My brothers plus finger-paints equals bad news especially for me. First it sucked because they shook hands with me, then they patted me all over my shirt. I didn’t notice all the paint until I did the dumbest thing and wiped my hands on my shirt. I looked at it, and finally took the shirt off. It looked like it got stolen by that Leprechaun from the lucky charms commercial and dipped into frosting covered marshmallow rainbows with magical multi colored ants on the side.

I threw it into the washer and washed twice. I took it out and it was purple, try explaining that to your mom. Like I said luck has two sides, and it might as well be as ugly as Two Face (from Batman), and have a heard of black lickerish. The appearance of luck doesn’t take me form the obvious though. Luck needs to be a coin left in someone’s pocket until it is time to but something.