This I Believe

Joe - Atlanta, Georgia
Entered on September 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

One day in 1930 at the Toll House Inn, Ruth Wakefield baked a dessert for her guests. Legend states she was trying to make Butter Drop Do cookies, however she lacked the needed ingredient of baker’s chocolate and so substituted it with bits of a semi-sweet Nestle’s chocolate bar. Many think the result was a mistake, and if this is so, I believe it was the greatest mistake ever made. The chocolate chip cookie has shaped the lives of millions of people, whether it be the businesses that make hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue a year from the product, the baker who has nothing to do with his/her time, or the happy person of any age who eats the baker’s creation before he goes to sleep.

Crunchy or chewy, freshly baked or store bought, Chips Ahoy, Chip Mates, Pillsbury, Toll House, Famous Amos, etc., many variations for the most delicious, most popular dessert in America.

There are many recipes for the cookie, and although there are uniform ingredients in each one, the tastes and textures still vary. There have been attempts to discover the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, but opinions have differed and no recipe has been officially named the best. But there has been a “successful” finding of the best store-bought, cookie, as several professional cookie judges agreed that Chips Deluxe brand deserved the honor.

The chocolate chip cookie has been recognized and praised many times. It was designated the official cookie of the commonwealth in 1997 under the general laws of Massachusetts. Previously there have been attempts to proclaim the chocolate chip cookie as the official cookie of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but this has yet to occur. The cookie has at times been unofficially stated as “America’s favorite cookie”, although few may disagree, I believe this is a true statement. Numerous times I along with others have stated that the chocolate chip cookie was, “delicious” or “the best cookie I’ve ever eaten.”

From the 4th grade through 6th grade, I ate on average 6-8 chocolate chip cookies a week. During this time, I learned that not only is the chocolate chip cookie scrumptious, it is versatile. While committing these acts I’ve also sighted the addicting substance be consumed on various occasions; while watching t.v, while reading, during lunch, an afternoon snack, before sleep, and the list goes on. Along with all the different places it can be eaten, the chocolate chip cookie can be consumed with an abound of different substances; 2% milk, skim milk, whole milk, chocolate milk, and more.

Although it’s a bit of a stretch to say the chocolate chip cookie was a forefather of the United States, it has strongly impacted America’s economy and assisted to keep its people content. With its deliciousness, versatility, and pure greatness, the chocolate chip cookie has helped heaps of people find happiness. Although there have been outrageous comments that the Oreo is America’s favorite cookie, I along with millions of other people believe that the chocolate chip cookie is, in fact, America’s favorite cookie.