This I Believe

Stephanie - dunwoody, Georgia
Entered on September 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: environment

Respect the world we live in

I believe people will use and pollute the world into obliteration.

When I see garbage on the ground, sometimes even next to a garbage can, it really bothers me. I like to pick it up. The thought that some person took the time to buy and eat a bag of chips or read a newspaper, maybe drink a soda and then discard the trash onto the ground without second guessing their action, just irritates me. Why? There’s no reason for it.

When I see creeks with shiny, multicolored, swirling films, skimming the surface and trash floating to the side, I just wonder. What’s going on under the surface, how many animals will have to die before someone makes a difference, maybe starts caring.

I just can’t comprehend why a creek looks like a good place to dump waste?? Its not like it’s a toilet in your house, it doesn’t flush away like it never happened, it stays and settles and rots the life away that is sustained by a balance. A balance people continue to disrupt. One day it will be too late.

Construction surrounding my neighborhood, diesel trucks chugging by in a cloud of exhaust and tall executive buildings plough down what once was beautiful greenery. Towering over the “rubble” with majestic silver and glass angles, there is nothing earthly about it. Why do we need forty something storey tall office buildings, so the adults of America can work their happiness and life away in a dull environment derived from a once beautiful Earth? If people could just take a step back and enjoy, rather than destroy, the world would be so much more peaceful, nature is supposed to be peaceful. Natural…

The Earth has sustained severe damage and mistreatment from its billions of inhabitants and I know one person isn’t going to change much. I know there are many environmentalists out there and it’s good and all, but I don’t feel like anything is really going to change. People are much too comfortable with their way of life and too stubborn to just change it. Because of this I feel it is inevitable that the world is just going to give out one day. The world probably won’t end when I’m here, or my children, but one day the human race will eventually wipe itself out.

I’m sure over a course of millions of years the Earth could replenish itself and restart the process, but why let it get that far? Humans have come so far, we just need to respect the whole reason we are even alive, The World…

I’m not trying to persuade anyone into changing his or her lifestyle, I’m just saying…

I believe people will use and pollute the world into obliteration.