This I Believe

Katie - Dunwoody, Georgia
Entered on September 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose

I believe there is no Freedom

“With liberty and Justice for all.” Liberty…Freedom…ha! “It is to laugh.” How can anyone truly believe that we have freedom? From the moment out parents conceive us to the moment we die we are restrained by laws and customs.

When you’re born you rely solely on your parents, doing whatever they say until about the age of 13 when you begin to see the flaws in your parents “knowledge.” When you turn 16 you finally achieve what you’ve always longer for…your license, you finally think you have your freedom. Think again. Now you get your first real taste of the insane laws of this country…traffic laws, as well as the laws of your parents.

You must now get a job, buy your own car, pay for insurance and gas, and on top of all that you must get straight A’s in school, for “driving is a privilege not a right.” You grudgingly agree to this after all your augments have been shot down. Once you finally achieve all this you grab your keys, phone, and license, walk to the door and…”be back by nine or your grounded.” Sighing you walk out the door, ignoring whatever your mother just said. You get home at 9:30 and busted, you walk in to see the angry contorted face you your mother. Now you’re restricted by one more thing…the walks of your 11 by 11 room.

You’re finally 18, YES! My parents can no longer hold me! Guess again. Their, “As long as you live under my roof, you live by my rules,” crush your dreams again. You wait the painful months until you graduate high school, FINALLY COLLEGE! You get settled into your life with your quirky roommate, away from the preying eyes of your parents. You live your parent free life to the fullest, not worrying of anything but where your next spring break trip will take you and passing your classes.

You get out of college; ready to take on life and suddenly you’re confined with bills, work, politics, and jury duty. You live your life each say, watching the idiots in our government continue to spend more money, making brainless decisions that will benefit them instead of the country and the general population, and being able to so nothing about it. Your young, carefree mind doesn’t dwell on these thoughts long as you’re too busy trying to have as much fun as possible, as well as keep food in the fridge and your electricity running.

After a while you get into the rhythm of things on to jumble the entire system. You get married! While this most likely what you want, it also restrains you from you late night partying life. When you add taxes and loans for your new house, you can say goodbye to your spontaneous trips to the mall.

Once everything settles down again you get a little surprise…a baby! Now you must care for this child that is more of a money garbage chute. You find your self setting the same rules your parents did, that you vowed you never would. You worry about the government, wondering if your children will even have a future. You fight with school boards over uniforms and the pointless credits they set. You suddenly find a great admiration for your parents how have put up with all this before you. Before you now it your parents are old and brittle and your suddenly have two more “children” that you must take care of.

You live the next 30 or so years, full of both happy and sad moments. Continuing to deal with the government and the continuously restriction laws, your parents and in-laws deaths. Your children starting to drive, going to college, getting real jobs, marrying, having children of there own. In the blink of an eye you find you great ambitions restrained by your old, arthritis infested body, you find your self relying more and more on your children and grandchildren. Then a bittersweet moment happened…you die. While no own knows what happens after death…you believe that you’re finally free.