This I Believe

MacKenzie - Decatur, Georgia
Entered on September 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope, love

This I Believe

I believe that a heart can be broken.

Love is love. Let no one tell you

different. We learn love when we are young and our knowledge of it matures as we do.

I have learned love. I have learned love and have witnessed the binding control it has over a fool’s heart when it is pierced. We can’t stop it. We can try, and fail to conquer it.

I have witnessed the many joys of a heart in love. The times when everything around you stops, and you and love are alone; all that’s left in time. The times your heart skips a beat when you and love’s lips meet. The heart’s ease when love gently slides it hand in yours. The heart’s racing pulse when a million others are around, but you look and love is coming straight for you. Love knows, love notices no others. I have witnessed all the pleasures of love. But more than this, I have witnessed its pain.

I have witnessed love gone astray. I have witnessed the heart’s pain when love has let it go. The unfathomable ache when love has gone asunder. The confusion when love has forgotten who loves it the most. The seclusion when a heart has lost its home. The prolonged wondering where the love went wrong. This I have witnessed more than any one of love’s great deeds.

But love is not perfect, nor is anyone. Love makes mistakes. Love is confusing. Love gets lost. But with love guiding love, love will find its way.

I have witnessed love’s pain, pleasures, and promises. I have been in love, been brokenhearted, and have felt the satisfaction of a love renewed.

This I believe: I believe a heart can be broken. This I believe: A heart can be mended.