This I Believe

Jeffery - Chamblee, Georgia
Entered on September 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

No Music = No Life

I believe that music is life. Music is soul. Music is me. The type of music you listen to represents who you are. You may listen to The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, Rascal Flatts, The Raconteurs, Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, Foo Fighters, The Fray, Sugarcult, Switchfoot, T.I., Weezer, Yellowcard, The Who, Train, Snow Patrol, Nickelback, Three Doors Down, or any other band of your choice. What is not evident is it makes a large impact on one’s life, appearance, and personality.

I listen to numerous genres of music some being country, rock, rap, classical, pop, and many others. All of these different music styles make me who I am. I am able to live a lifestyle of a country boy when I hear Brooks and Dunn, yet live a lifestyle of a hard rocker when I hear Audioslave. I do not have a single genre that represents me, because nearly every genre does. I can find a song from every genre in some way. “Best I Ever Had” by Gary Allen, makes me remember my old girlfriend that moved away. My life is shaped by music.

The Goths and rappers have their different appearances. The Goths have their black eye liner and all black cloths looking all depressed in the corner of the room. Their music consists of sad songs and songs about killing. That is why they are so depressed. The rap music lovers, on the other hand, have their pants sagging and chains hanging down to their knees. They also drive the low riders and their chain has to shine with a giant diamond on the end. They idolize the rappers they listen to. Music shapes the appearance of people.

Back to the Goths, they look so depressed, because they listen to depressing music about killing and loneliness. That is why they never talk as much as people that listen to pop and rock. Music of the pop and rock genre generally have happier subjects. I listen to all genres, so I am a little bit of everything. I am able to talk to people, because I listen to pop and rock music. Yet, I am very calm and quiet at points, because I listen to classical music. Music shapes the personality of people.

Everyone listens to music. That is why music is essential to life. I think, without music everyone would be a neutral robot wearing monochrome uniforms with no individuality. I believe that music is life. Music is soul. Music is me and I am music.