This I Believe

Amanda - Lithonia, Georgia
Entered on September 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe…

I believe in carrying big purses and having a tube of Juicy Tube gloss in it.

I am a packrat. I keep a lot of things; carry a lot of things old and new. That trait also leans into the fact that I carry so many things around with me daily. Where does it all go? In my oversized bag for a purse. I believe you can never carry enough of your belongings. That is why all my purses are big. Where am I going to fit my calculator, wallet, sunglass cases, mirror, candy, tissue, and phone in a small purse? I never try to reduce the amount of things I carry with me because the one random thing I take out, I may actually need later in a day. I also believe in not just carrying any oversized purse, but it must be a fashionable one. I never just carry those huge bags with a million different fabrics and patterns. I believe that’s not cool.

I am also a strong believer in carrying at least one tube of lip-gloss in my large purse. I recommend the Midsummer Eve tube. I believe it is the best looking, and tasting.

Going without my juicy tube makes me feel dull and I fear my lips will be chapped and unglossy all day.

I believe that compared to Lanc”me Juicy Tube, BonBell, Lip Smackers, and the other wanna-bes have nothing on the Juicy Tube. I believe that if it were the only lip-gloss in the world, all would be satisfied.

It is also important that I pay close attention to the bags that I purchase. I will only purchase my large purses form certain places and made by certain designers simply because someone may make a large purse, but the purse will not be able to hold everything it should without ripping, tearing, etc. My purses must be from a department store, mainly Macy’s or Dillard’s. The designers I choose from most are Guess, The Sak, and of course, Chanel.

If I did not have these things, I would feel void and naked daily. I believe every girl should carry a big purse because let’s face it; women carry a lot of things. I also believe that every girl should also own a Lanc”me Juicy Tube simply because it’s…Juicy! I believe in carrying big purses and Juicy Tubes.