This I Believe

Nathalie - dallas, Texas
Entered on September 11, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, gratitude

I believe you shouldn’t waste your life arguing, fighting, or bickering about your family. No family’s perfect- that’s a fact.

Andrew, my brother, is the kind of kid that can tell you everything you would ever need to know about cars. So as we were driving, he saw a Dallas Auto Show billboard with a BMW z4 with …(blah blah, I didn’t get the rest) and, of course, he had to go.

The day of the show we were awakened by screams of joy, “GET UP LET’S GO! WE’LL BE LATE!!!” On the 45-minute car ride downtown we could hear the rumbles of our stomachs, so we stopped at McDonalds. We ordered 4 cheeseburgers. About 2 blocks away we opened the bag to reveal 3 cheeseburgers. My mom surrendered hers, but as soon as my brother took a bite he said in disgust, “ewe… onions. I’m not going to eat it.” My dad wouldn’t go back and get another one saying, “We’d be late.” This was the start of the day’s tension.

Finally, after a silent drive we parked. “I’m still hungry”, said Andrew in a whiney irritated voice. A roar rose from my dad, “Eat the burger!” All the bickering started getting to me. “Shut up! Just shut up!” I yelled as I flung open the car door and stomped away. Andrew, my mom, and dad ran after me. We had a total show down in the parking lot. It was horrible.

We walked into the show, keeping about 3 feet between each of us. “You seem like a happy family. Take a picture with the new 2006 Corvette. Say cheese!” said an overexcited; smile from ear to ear, car sales man. We all forced a smile that made us seem like the “happy” family he called us. Flash! Went a blinding light. The man then handed us a Polaroid. At the moment we threw it to the side.

As the day went on, I’m not sure if it was the new car smell, but the tension died. The show was over and we headed to the car. On the drive back Andrew was digging through the bags of magazines when he pulled out the 2006 Corvette picture. We passed it around and we all started laughing uncontrollably. We eventually realized that we were fighting about something so pointless. The day was ruined by cheesy cheeseburgers and brought back together by a cheesy photograph.

I believe you shouldn’t waste your life arguing, fighting, or bickering about your family. I mean, you can’t pick and choose. In the end you have to embrace your dysfunctional family and enjoy a long life with them.