This I Believe

Blake - Carrollton, Texas
Entered on September 11, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in a world where freedom and democracy rule. In my lifetime one major war has occurred that everyone in America talks about. It is the war in Iraq. The U.S. government says that this war occurred in order to free the people of Iraq and help to install democracy into their daily lives. The people of Iraq say that the U.S. has done its job and needs to get out of their country.

I believe in a society without conflict. In other words, I believe in peace. My mother once told me, “Son you fight for what you believe in.” In my opinion that is exactly what the U.S. government is trying to do in Iraq. The United States is trying to make things peaceful in the Middle East. All the government is doing is to follow their beliefs.

Some people in this country believe that the war in Iraq needs to be stopped right now in order to preserve the Middle East and that we should pull out of Iraq right now. But then again, some people thought that we should not have retaliated when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

I believe that without war we cannot achieve peace. The people of Iraq were being killed off by their own leader. So our president George W. Bush decided that we must remove him from power in order to achieve peace. Some people say that this was a bad idea and that we should have not gone or as soon as we removed him that we should have left. I think, however, that if we had left as soon as we removed Saddam Hussein from power, the troops that died would have died in vein because another dictator could have rose up and then he might have attacked us instead of us insuring democracy.

Some people believe that the war in the Middle East resulted from the so called “meddling” of our President. I believe other wise. I recently had a discussion with a few of the students that I sat with at lunch about George Bush and the way he runs this country. I agree with most of the things that the president does in this country, and these other students believed that he was, as they said, “the worst thing to happen to this country.” We discussed this throughout lunch and reached no conclusion, and eventually we just closed the subject and enjoyed ourselves for the rest of the lunch.

I believe that if the United States hadn’t invaded Iraq, then Saddam Hussein would be in charge and killing more people and possibly attacking us.