This I Believe

Arielle - San Marcos, Texas
Entered on September 11, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Love Lucy

Of the many friendships I have been a part of, one stands above all. Maurine Price is a little old lady who lies about her age and has finally admitted to having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder recently. Maurine owns a number of acres that my brothers have mowed for years. While my brothers mow the lawn, I do mine. Strictly to keep Mrs. Price in the house so she doesn’t do the yard work herself.

This routine started when I was about ten years old and I have always been successful. Cards are a main event during our day together. Maurine and I play Old Maid until the Old Maid gets sick of staring at our mischievous faces. Maurine always makes it obscenely obvious which card is the Old Maid in her hand so I can win. She does so many little things like letting me beat her at cards to show me how much she cares about our friendship and me. Next on the agenda we watch “I Love Lucy” which at first I absolutly loathed because it was so corny. But I grew to love the program after seeing Maurine so delighted by it and we watch it religiously.

Since Maurine is obsessive compulsive, she has to clean everything even if the dish has been in the cupboard without being washed for two weeks. So we made a bargain, Maurine would give up cleaning everything while I was there and let me do the cleaning because I was younger. I don’t ever think she has ever stuck to the single condition.

The friendship with Maurine made me realize that in every friendship, the people involved give up many things they love just to do things that their friend does. Friendships are a very special relationship and are full of mostly giving and very little taking.

To this day, every time I see “I Love Lucy” memorabilia, I think of Maurine and many good years we shared in her parlor sacrificing the things we love for the other who we love more. Maurine was the perfect example for me and she taught me to be unselfish and giving in a way I could have never thought possible. I Love Maurine.

In Memory of A Beloved Friend

Maurine Price