This I Believe

Entered on September 11, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: creativity

I am an inveterate dreamer. One of my dreams in particular has invited a disproportionate share of attention and commentary.

As I have worked this dream from nascent concept, to family financed business plan, to patent application, my dream has elicited a good deal of skepticism, doubt and outright contempt from friends and family.

Dreams are the stuff that fuels my daily life. Dreams add sparkle to this dreamer’s eyes. They provide a spark to my life that allows my mind and creativity and imagination to take flight. However, I have found that dreamers are universally reviled and ridiculed by those who seek to destroy what the mind of the dreamer conceives. The base condition of man seems to require all to tear down anything that would seek to rise above the ruble of this craven existence.

Those who seek to stifle the dreamers I have labeled dream chokers. Dream chokers elicit laughter from the assembled masses of naysayers who question everything and anything that flows from the mind and lips of the dreamers of this world. Dream chokers perform their craft in front of a live studio audience. Dreamers dream in silence and solitude.

As the dream chokers have sought to neuter and eviscerate my dream, I have discovered the compelling need to alter this dream choking dynamic. The change that all dreamers must pursue with unflagging resolve is the transformation of dream chokers into dream stokers.

A dreamer must channel the same creativity that drives the dream into creating concrete representations of the pitched battle between the dreamer and the ubiquitous dream chokers. To literally turn those dream choking experiences into dream stoking ones.

The dreamer must turn those rolled eyes, and flippant blow offs and never ending put downs that resonate from the dream chokers who litter our modern day landscape into a call to action.

The dreamer worth his weight must lift him or herself from the dusty ground of disappointment and turn those dream choking experiences into action. Doing something, anything, keeps the dream alive. No matter how incidental or incremental, action keeps blood flowing to the dream and coursing through the dream filled veins of the dreamer.

Failing this, the dreamer stops dreaming. However, the dream remains to nag the dreamer. Eventually the abandoned dream becomes a weight around the neck of the dreamer. The dreamer and his beloved dream together descend into a blackness that knows no bounds.

Many are the dream chokers that have circled the bloodied and bowed carcass of my dream. However, I will continue to struggle against insurmountable odds to breathe life into it. My motivation to keep my dream alive will bubble up from a reservoir deep within my soul. In addition, I will consistently and constantly strive to turn the dream chokers into the dream stoking stuff that fuels the fires of my imagination and my belief in the supremacy of ideas and dreams.