This I Believe

pat - PORT CHARLOTTE, Florida
Entered on September 11, 2006
Age Group: 65+

I believe it is always wrong to beleave anything, anytime ,anywhere ,by anyone ,without evidence. I believe if everyone believed this we could have peace on earth as there would be nothing to fight over; no gods , no idols, no supernatural banners to wave , no principles to uphold this religion or that. Beliefs would be shuned and avoided and faiths drenched by truths and facts. By using scientific measurments and universal reasearches we would have a clear understanding of the paths we must take to build our utopia and make heaven on the only place we know,right here on earth right now, not later in some pie in the sky unknowable place promised to a few that can’t think for themselves. Yes… it WOULD be great to live forever, Lets start with living longer . That would mean we would have to do something about the BELIEVERS that keep our best scientests back by their coat tails. You better believe it ….Your life depends on it.