This I Believe

Rachel - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 11, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe it is time to change the way the world views people.

One of the things I have learned is the so called ‘a tad bit off in the head people’ are the ones that do not follow societies social nuances. For example a cheerleader who wants to be team captian and will not atop at anything to get what she wants even physical injury (not that this has ever happened) is seen as having a slight moral dilemma. Yet a guy with five facial piercings and a purple Mohawk who wants to devote his life to helping animals is a person that should go into an insane asylum so as not to give the ‘youth’ a bad example. People believe that how a person looks is everything. If a person is in cheerleading she is automatically seen as a good member of society. It’s the same way with gamers. Guy gamers are always fat, pale skin, don’t have a life, and that’s all they talk about. Some of the most hardcore gamers I know do talk about games they like a lot, but its not like gaming is always in their head. They have lives; a lot I know are in band. Half of them are really skinny and they are of all different races. Also girl gamers are supposed to be ugly; the only real gamer girl I have ever met was very pretty. Band nerds are also seen as useless people because we have no social life which is defiantly not true.

Judgmental behavior doesn’t just extend to people who make the choice to be different. One time a little girl in a store noticed a person who was missing a leg. Her mother noticed and grabbed the child away and said “don’t look at the freak”. The mom acted as if it were contagious. Also people who are blind, we do not teach people how to treat people with disabilities. The key is to understand they have some limitations that we do not have, but then to not make judgments about whom they are as person. Just because they are blind, or paralyzed, or in a wheel chair, doesn’t change the fact that they are people.

Another thing is quiet people don’t have anything worth saying. I’ve had teachers who, because I am quiet, when I do speak up about some things look at me funny. Their look says “Who are you, you should not speak, and your thoughts are worthless.” I hardly talked again in that class.

Another thing is people judge the worth of a mother by the merit of her kids. “My kid is valedictorian.” “Well my kid is drum major” “My kid admitted his drug addiction and is going to rehabilitation.” That kid’s mother is the crappy one, the one that everyone else will make fun of. Even if that woman was a great mom to two other kids and achieved a great position in the workplace. Also with all the dreams parents shove onto kids, if they don’t live up to others standard they view themselves as worthless and failures.

It’s time to let go of the way people view others. Everyone is equal regardless of what they look like, or their disabilities, or the way they act, or the greatness they achieved. It’s time to change the world.