This I Believe

Amanda - Knoxville, Iowa
Entered on September 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

This I believe…

I believe in finishing what you start. When I was younger I was involved in as many activities as I could handle. Sometimes I would find myself involved in something that I did not really care for, however, rather than dropping out I would finish my duties that I had begun. People come to rely on you and it is not fair to the group if you quit in the middle. It is also not fair to you to not give your self the chance to complete a task that you thought could not be done.

With hard work and plenty of self-confidence I knew I would be able to handle any job I was doing. I know in life there are going to be things I need to do that I would rather not, but quitting is not my style. To me, quitting says I could not handle something, and I believe I can handle any task that needs to be done.

So many things in life happen that are not your choice. If I did not finish everything I started I would not be in my last year of my college education, I would not have seven varsity letters in swimming, and I would not be a medic on the fire department. Throughout the course of achieving all those things there were hard parts, many times I thought it would be easy to quit, but I did not know how. To me, it is important to get totally involved in everything I start. Once I dedicate myself to something or someone it becomes so much harder to turn my back on it. Many things in life are hard, but once I made the decision to never quit, one of the hardest things in life to me now, is to quit. I enjoy having the feeling of completion and pride over my achievements.

As I grow older and have children and someday grandchildren it will be great to tell them everything I accomplished in my life. I will not have any stories that say, well I started this and I started that, but I did not finish. I will be able to proudly say “I did that.”