This I Believe

Jayne - Baltimore, Maryland
Entered on September 11, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of voices. The right to speak out against injustice and conquer hate, in this I believe. How a voice can enchant the soul with a single note and bring peace to troubled hearts. That speaking out for what I believe can protect the innocent and change the future. Each innonation touches its listeners igniting emotion, I speak out against genocide, starvation and turmoil. I honor those who came before me and the men who serve. I call out, pleading with people to remember our history and to believe in our present and to shape what will be. I affirm everyday that a single voice can drive a nation and that a few small words can save an individual. I trust in goodness, that voices will rise passionate calls for equality and joyful noise of praise for our fellows will ring from everywhere. That when faced with oppression or when the cry for help is heard, that voices will sound like trumpets announcing the battle against intolerance. I believe that every voice has something to teach, a valuable lesson to share with any listener. Our spoken words are building blocks or wrecking balls, symphonies or shrieks, each voice must make a choice whether to create or destroy. I believe that my voice can influence others to speak and too hear. That speeches have transformed people into nations, ignited conflict and ended wars, put up barriers and tore down walls, this i believe. The voice is a unique instrument to play the music of my heart and each person has a unique melody to offer that is waiting for an auidence, this i believe. My voice is one of a kind and can create a singular but powerful melody but with your voices alone can we create harmony together, this i believe.